Joshua Turnage doesn’t communicate, at least not in the traditional sense.
Born too early, he is limited in his ability to communicate through verbal or written language. Basic matters of life and necessities such as seeing, eating and functional motor skills elude him, yet he’s found a way to make the world his own. Joshua’s conquering spirit has led him through battles both great and small. Through it all, his desire to interact, moreover, his desire to live life, has never once faltered. It led him through years of triumph and struggle as he, his parents, and caretakers endeavored to discover his innate gift. Upon his first encounter with a paintbrush something changed. The spark inside turned into a flame. Suddenly a child with limited assets found a way to express himself.

Joshua, through the help of a team of professionals, has experimented with many different artistic mediums.
He’s found himself now with an unlikely professional career—that of a multimedia artist. Music is the conduit—his “playlist” is diverse, everything from Ozzy Osbourne to Kenny Chesney to George Winston. It is through the beat that Joshua taps into his true self. His current collection of abstract art incorporates adaptive tools and techniques reflecting his interpretation of music. Through it all, his ineffable spirit is reflected, reminding all who enjoy his work of the fragility and the endless, liberating possibility of life.

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